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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

How Often Should You Get a Trim?

There are so many opinions on how often a trim is required. Some professionals recommend a trim every 12 weeks, others say it should only be done once in a year. So when is the right time to get a trim?  In my 18 years as a professional stylist I have always gone with “whenever it needs it” as my guide.  If it shows signs within 6 weeks then get one then.  If is fine for 12 weeks then wait until then.  However, I don’t believe in letting a whole year go by.  Usually your hair gives you sign when it’s time.  If you know what to look for then you will be right on time for your next trim.


If you are a naturalista then you probably know how frustrating it is to detangle knots on your hair. Depending on where the knots are, you will be better off trimming them than attempting to detangle them. Knots that are close to the hair shaft can be detangled using hair stretcher, hair oils and good conditioners. On the other hand, the knots located at the ends of the hair should be trimmed off as soon as possible.


It is time for a trim when the hair at the ends are always tapered and tangled. Excessive hair tangling causes damage to your hair.

Stunted Growth

Do you follow a strict hair regimen but notice no growth? If yes, then you should consider trimming your hair. Split ends have the ability to travel back to the hair shaft and stunt hair growth. In order to fully benefit from your deep conditioning, protective styling, and every other thing included in your hair regimen, you have to trim regularly.

Split Ends

Split ends can affect the way your hair grows. The only proven way to get rid of split ends is by trimming off the affected parts. Although there are hair care products out there that provide some sort of solution to split ends, these products are only temporary solution providers. Split ends are not part of your hair length.




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