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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

Diamond Deep Conditioning Treatment

Excellent for Coarse, Brittle, Frizzy, Breaking and or Excessively Dry Locs and Natural Hair.

As on of our favorite and most popular services, the Diamond Repair Treatment is unlike any other deep conditioning treatment you’ve ever experienced. Clinically proven to dramatically improve hair texture, this patented 4 step system strengthens, hydrates, moisturizes and reduces frizz and flyaways for softer more manageable hair. The process includes a pre shampoo treatment application, specialized shampoo and condition followed by a post shampoo leave in treatment.

Excellent for all hair types including 3’s and 4’s, dreadlocks, natural hair and color treated hair. For extremely dry or brittle hair we recommend doing a series of 3 treatments within 12 weeks. For hair that is treated and maintained regularly 1 Diamond treatment every 1-4 months or as needed is fine. Book your appointment today at any of our two locations, Onyx West Palm Beach or Onyx Lake Worth to experience the Diamond Deep Conditioning System, you will be amazed by the results.

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