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Silk Press

A Silk Press is a temporary method of straightening your hair using a flat iron, quality heat protectors and superior products. At Onyx we have done hundreds of silk presses that are not only beautiful but also non-damaging to the hair.  A great iron, proper hair preparation, knowledge and experience are all fundamental to a great silk press.

How long do silk presses last?
A silk press can last from 2-14 days.  This is usually dependent on the clients hair, weather and avoiding getting the hair wet or moist during that time.  Wrapping the hair at night and keeping it covered also help to prolong your silk press.

Will my hair “go back natural?”
Yes, once your hair is shampooed your natural curls will revert.

Can I get heat damage from a silk press?
Heat damage is possible if your hair is not healthy, thin, weak etc.  It is also possible to experience heat damage from pressing your hair too often or with heat that is too high for your hair.  That is why it’s important to select a salon that is experienced in providing silk presses on your hair type.

How often can I get a silk press?
There is no one answer to this question. How often is a personal choice as well as it depends on how well your hair will tolerate heat.  Some people do bi-weekly silk presses while others do bi-annual silk presses.  I think moderation is key. The less often you do a silk press the less likely you are to experience heat damage.

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