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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

Crochet Hair / Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a great protective style that can give you a wide variety of natural looking hairstyles.  From kinky to curly, straight and wavy your options are only bound by your personal choice.  At Onyx and Natural Hair Salon we absolutely love doing crochet braids. They have come a long way from the 90’s straight look.  Now you can experiment with a variety of textures and hair colors.

How we do Crochet Braids on your hair.
1. We wash and do a deep condition or hot oil treatment on your hair.  This will help to keep your hair strong and moisturized underneath.

2. Depending on the style you choose we braid your hair in the best pattern for that style.

3. We attach your crochet hair to your braids.  Whether you want twists, curls, straight or wavy we can attach it to make your hair look full with little to no gaps.  You can also go super long or really short.

4. Depending on how fast your hair grows and the type of hair used.  You can expect your crochet braids to last 4-8 weeks before they will need to be redone.

If you’re ready to experiment with crochet braids, book your appointment with our West Palm Beach based salon and enjoy a brand new look for the summer.