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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

Gentle Braid Styling

At Anuri many things separate us from the average salon.  One of the things we take the most pride in is our pain free promise.  At some salons getting your hair braided, twisted or having your dreads interlocked can be a painful process.  This is because after having your scalp scrubbed it is then pulled way too tight and your scalp becomes sore.  Getting a beautiful braid style should not mean going through intense pain or having bumps or hair loss along your hairline.

When getting your braids styled make sure you have a stylist who understands that having a healthy scalp and hair is better than snatching every single strand.  Braiding too often and too tight can lead to light or severe hair loss alopecia.

Here are some tips to keep your hairline healthy when getting braids

  1. Don’t pull your edges too tightly
  2. Don’t use too much hair on small sections of your own hair, this can lead to it pulling your own hair and damaging the hair follicle
  3. Try to do a break between braiding styles.  Give your edges and scalp time to recover in between
  4. Do deep conditions and hair treatments before and after doing braiding your hair to help prevent breakage caused by dryness
  5. Try to moisturize your hair while it is braided.

We hope these tips help you too keep your hair and scalp healthy beneath your braids.  Have questions or need a consultation? Schedule your complimentary consultation by clicking here or visit us at Onyx Locs and Natural Hair Salon in West Palm Beach.

Styles we do include Crochet braids, goddess braids, Havana braids, french braids, box braids, micro braids, Senegalese twists, fish tail, herringbone, cornrows and more.