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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

4 Professional Tips When Coloring Natural Hair

Color is a great way to welcome a much needed change to your look. Whether you love funky colors like blue and purple or a more subtle blonde or auburn, you can change your whole look and feel by even adding highlights. Here are 4 professional tips from the Onyx Natural Hair Salon team to help keep your natural hair healthy before and after coloring.

  1. Prepare your hair in advance with regular trims and treatments. Weak, dry or damaged natural hair should never be colored.
  2. Leave it to the professionals. It’s always best to have a professional color your hair to avoid over processing, poor blending uneven distribution and more.
  3. Moisturizer!!! I can’t say it enough, moisturizer your hair often to avoid drying, breakage, weakening and thinning.
  4. Don’t go too light too often. Constant bleaching and lifting will damage your hair.For more information on how to care for colored locs or natural hair or to have fabulous professional color or Highlights book Online at mahoganyspa.com or by calling Onyx Natural Hair Salon at 561-727-8217.