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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

Beards & Bikinis Say Good Bye To Ingrown Hairs

Let Us Help Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs affect men and women primarily from hair removal including shaving and waxing.  African American and Latino men have a higher incident of ingrown hairs than other ethnic groups because of their thick curly hair.  An ingrown hair is usually caused when a hair turns back and grows into the skin instead of growing to the surface. When an ingrown hair develops, you may notice small, round bumps called papules, or small, pus-filled bumps called pustules.  The skin around the ingrown hair may also become darker, this is known as hyperpigmentation. Pain and itching are also symptoms of ingrown hairs.

Combined with the discomfort, hyperpigmentation and pus filled bumps is the rough scarred skin that happens over time. At Onyx Natural Hair Salon and Spa we want you to look and feel your best. With our specialized treatment for ingrown hairs and our home care products you can reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs on your face, chin, underarms, bikini areas and anywhere else you practice hair removal.

We have mini treatments which last 20 mins to 30 mins.  This includes a cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction and conditioning.  This helps to “declutter” the skin and remove dead skin cells.

Men – Stop by for one of our Pre Shave treatments before your next trip to the barbershop.  You may also come in Post shave and receive any of our ingrown hair treatments and products that you can use at home to minimize the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

Women – We offer these treatments for your bikini area and underarms too.  This will prevent those unsightly bikini area razor bumps, dark spots and scarred skin.

View Pricing or Treatments or Book your appointments online by clicking here or by calling 561-406-9930.

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