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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

How To Get Dreads

So you want to get dreadlocks.  Whether you’ve had them before or are new to the process we can help get you through it.  There are a couple things you will need to consider.

  1. What type and size dreadlocks do you want
  2. Your hair type and length
  3. Your time and budget
  4. What method works best for your hair type
  5. The current condition and health of your hair

Let us start with the current condition of your hair.  Is your hair thick, healthy, thin, breaking or damaged?  Your stylist should analyze your hair to make sure you are a good candidate for locs before advising you to go forward.  If your hair is thin or damaged I would advise against it.  Get your hair to a healthy state before installing locs so that in the long term you don’t end up having to remove them.  Thin hair is also not great for locs unless they are sized correctly.  If your hair is sparse your locs may be sparse and you will end up not liking them.

What type of dreads do you want?  Regular pencil size, thick free forms, micro or sisterlocks?  What you want may not always be what you can have.  The length and condition of your hair will also determine how and what size you can start your dreads.  Your hair type is also important.  Is your hair texture soft, coarse, or in between.  Not all hair textures hold locs well initially and you will have to select a method that works best.

Locs can be started by comb coils, interlocking, braids, twists and loc extensions.  Loc extensions or faux locs are very popular and can look like the real thing.  They will help you to avoid the awkward short stage if your hair is short but it takes 10-18 hours and can range in price from $400 – $1200 dollars.  Like loc extensions, interlocking and sisterlocks are also great way to get locs instantly.  However they are also time consuming and will cost between $300 and $1200 depending on the length of your hair. Comb Coils are the most popular and cheapest method of starting locs.  The downside is it can be a bit challenging for the early months as your dreads start to lock.  They may unravel and get frizzy and linty etc.  Braids and twists are also easy options to start with as well.  You can start with them and continue to maintain your hair until you have a desirable length then remove the braids.

Obtaining the perfect new locs is easy with the right stylist and salon.  Onyx Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Salon is committed to providing you with exceptional starter dreadlocks services in West Palm Beach.  Call for 561-406-9930 an appointment or come in for a complimentary 15 minute consultation today.