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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

How To Maintain New Dreadlocks

Welcome to the beginning of your dreadlock journey.  We have had locs and worked to maintain healthy locs for quite some time.  Over the past 20 years we have

To Start Dreadlocks – The first thing you will do is consult with our master stylist at Onyx Natural Hair Salon.  We can work with you to see what size, length and thickness you want in your dreadlocks.  Whether you want to start with comb coils, two strand twists, braids, loc extensions or interlocking, having your consultation will help to determine whats best for you and your hair type.

After Dreadlock Installation – Once your dreads are installed you will need to return every 2-6 weeks to have it maintained. Depending on the installation method used, your time will vary.  Comb coils tend to need maintenance quicker than the other methods as it gets frizzy, dry and undone more easily. Once your dreads have matured, we recommend you come in for maintenance with the following schedule.
Palm Rolls – 3 – 5 weeks
Interlocking – 4- 8 weeks

At Home Care: In between your visits to Salon Anuri, you will need to take care of your locs at home.
Washing – You can wash your locs in-between visits but we do recommend you do this at the salon for the first 4 months.  This will help your locs to mature faster, your parts stay in tact and any loc that unravels can be re-tightened properly.
Scalp Cleansing – Between washes you can clean your scalp at home using the Lockology Scalp Cleanser or and Apple Cider Vinegar blend.  Use this to wipe between  your parts to remove odors, sweat, dirt and to reduce itching.
Moisturize – Your locs will be dry especially when they are new.  Keeping your scalp healthy and your body hydrated is key to keeping your locs moisturized.  You can also moisturize them daily with a Lockology Loc Moisturizer or Lockology Argan Oil.  Don’t over moisturize or add any non-loc products or un-natural products to your hair  as this could result in terrible build-up.
Styling & Coloring – We recommend you allow your locs to mature before styling or coloring.

If you have any questions about starting your dreads, maintaining your dreads at home or any other dreadlocks questions please feel free to contact us at Onyx Loc and Natural Hair Salon.  We love hearing from you.  If you are located in West Palm Beach please also feel free to stop by for a complimentary consultation.