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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

How To Do/Start Dreadlocks

So you have decided to get dreadlocks, welcome to the beginning of a great natural hair journey.  At Onyx Locs and Natural Hair Salon we have different methods of starting your locs.  How we start your dreads depends on a number of factors. How long is your hair, what texture is it, how thick do you want your locs, what is the condition of your hair and what is your budget.  One thing for sure is that each method leads to beautiful dreadlocks that you will love.

Comb Coils – This is the most popular way to start dreads.  It can be done on most hair types and lengths.  It is done by twisting in mini loc coils.  Once they are done it takes 3-6 months for your locs to start “locking and budding.”  This method will cost between $80-$90 depending on your hair length and how small you want your dreads to be.  The downside to using comb coils to start your dreads is that it can take 8-20 weeks to lock and they can get misshaped and unraveled while sleeping.

Interlocking – Interlocking is also a popular way to start dreadlocks. If your hair is 6 inches or more this may be an option for you.  It is done by using an interlocking needle to make loc knots along the length of the hair to form the locs.  Interlocked dreads are locked immediately, they give you instant  dreads and can be washed within a few days and styled. On the downside it can take hours to complete depending on the length of your hair and your desired loc thickness.   Interlocking prices can be a bit high for the average person costing $300 or more to be done.

Loc Extensions / Faux Locs – This is a great way to start your locs.  Like interlocking, loc extensions give you locs instantly.  This method also helps you through the awkward short phase when locs are just budding.  Permanent loc extensions use human hair to wrap around a braid on your natural hair. You have the option of doing it at various lengths, colors and thickness.  Permanent loc extensions can last up to 2 years.  The downside to loc extensions is that they are a bit pricey and time consuming to install.  Loc extensions can cost you $350 and up depending on the length and thickness and can take 14 – 24 hours to be installed.

Braids/ Two Strand Twists – Two strand twists can also be used to start locs.  It is not as popular as the other methods but it is still a great option. The downside is in the beginning you will have the appearance of twists instead of actual locs.  However, they eventually smoothen and have a locked appearance in 6-12 months.  Two strand twists cost $85 and up.

Whether you want comb coils or loc extensions, the locticians at Onyx Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Salon will be more than happy to walk you through the process at our free consultation.