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Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis)  – .5 fl oz / .15 ml
Rosemary has been extensively used since ancient times for a variety of purposes. The Romans gave special importance to the rosemary plant and used it frequently in religious ceremonies. It was also used during wedding ceremonies, food preparation, cosmetic care, and medicinal herbal care. Rosemary plant and its extract were also used by the ancient, Egyptian civilization as incense.  Rosemary oil is one of the most popular essential oils for its wide array of health benefits. It has become increasingly important and popular over the years as more of its various health benefits have become understood, including its ability to stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain.
Aromatherapy: Rosemary essential oil is an excellent brain and nerve tonic. It is often used by students during exam times because it increases concentration and helps in studying efficiently. It stimulates mental activity and is a good remedy for depression, mental fatigue and forgetfulness. Inhaling rosemary oil seems lift your spirits immediately.
Skincare: It can help increase circulation and relieve pain in the joints. It is said to have antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that make it beneficial in efforts to eliminate eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, and acne.
Hair Care: Rosemary oil is widely used for hair care in shampoos and lotions. It is rumored to stimulate follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger. It is also believed that rosemary oil slows down premature hair loss and graying of the hair. Therefore, it is an excellent tonic for bald people or those who are beginning to show signs on male pattern baldness.
Always consult with your physician before using any essential oils or herbal remedies.
See below for more information.

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Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis)  
Usage Instructions:  See Library For Recipes and Instructions.  Do not use directly on skin, dilute in a carrier oil with a 1-3% dilution.
Usage Cautions:  Avoid rosemary if you suffer from epilepsy, as its high camphor content could cause seizures.  Do not use this powerful oil during pregnancy.
Origin: Spain
The Extraction process : Steam Distillation
Storage Cautions: Store in air tight container; in a cool dry area; away from heat and direct sunlight
Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of 2 years with proper storage conditions


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