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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

Eyelash Extensions


For the past couple years eyelash extensions have taken over the beauty scene.  Whether your trying to enhance your length or volume or go big and bold their is an option for you.  Lash extensions are available in 3 different varieties at Onyx Natural Hair Salon’s Lash Studio.  We offer strip lashes which are a quick boost for a night out or one day event and can last 1-3 days.  We also offer individual strip lashes  which are similar to strip lashes but have small clusters that are attached to your lashes individually instead of on an entire strip along your lash line. These costs $35 and can last 2-7 days depending on care.  The longest lasting eyelash extensions are our Diva and Vixen individual fusion lashes.  Our fusion lash process takes 1.5 to 2 hrs for installation and gives a more natural and authentic look.  These cost $150 to $200 and can last 3-6 weeks.  Whether you just want to add some glam for date night or add volume to your everyday look, our lash technicians at Onyx can take your eyelashes from drab to fab.  Book your appointment now and experience the mahogany effect with amazing lashes.

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