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Onyx Natural Hair Salon

Coloring Your Natural Hair

Color is in, their is no denying it.  From bold blues to bald blonds color is everywhere.  Though we love the funky summer colors and the spicy fall hues, color is a process best left to the experts.  Yes, you can color at home and do a pretty decent job, however, for multidimensional color, highlights and dark to light transitions we especially recommend visiting a color specialist.  Though beautiful, color can reek havoc on natural hair and dreadlocks causing  irreparable damage.  Dryness, breakage, thinning and porous limp hair are all things that can happen when hair is over processed and or not properly rinsed. Here are some tips to help you have great color while keeping your hair healthy.

  1. Be honest with your colorist.  You have to give as much information as possible about past and current coloring you have had.  This can complicate the process and make it harder for the colorist to achieve the color you want.
  2. Prepare your hair months in advance.  Do deep conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments and moisturize your hair with build-up free products.
  3. Only color healthy hair.  If your hair is already weak, brittle, dry or damaged don’t apply color.  This will cause further damage and may lead to you having to cut your hair.
  4. Go to a professional.  If you are lightening your hair it is even more important to do so.  For example, if you want to go to a platinum blonde it requires longer processing times, higher volume developers etc.  A trained colorist can use various techniques to avoid certain damage.
  5. Avoid excessive heat and let your hair breath.  Don’t over manipulate colored hair.  Avoid excessive blow drying, flat irons, stressful styles and other heat tools and implements.
  6. Proper post color maintenance is VERY important.  Continue to do deep conditions, moisturize and use color preserving shampoos to maintain your hair.
  7. Don’t overdo it.  Going from dark to light to dark again or vice versa, will cause a bad color and damage cocktail.  Try to avoid bleaching multiple times for the year

Whether you’re ready to try a bright fuchsia, a bold blond or a subtle honey brown book your appointment at Onyx Natural Hair Salon.  You can also book a complimentary 15 minute consultation at our West Palm Beach Salon by calling 561-406-9930 or book online by clicking here.